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What do Headteachers say about Ignite & Inspire?:

“We chose Ignite+Inspire’s Intervention solution because it matched a School Improvement Target we had already identified and complemented our existing intervention programme”

“Our pupils really enjoyed it, and it has had a positive impact upon their attitude and enjoyment of reading (building their self-esteem) including those pupils who didn’t make as great a measurable leap forward in terms of Reading Age”

“Our teachers rate it as a good programme and recognise the benefit to our pupils. They also value the Specialist’s input and the way he has added to our staff team.”

“Since the introduction of Ignite+Inspire we have noticed that our pupils are more confident, read at home, and are better behaved in class.  Also pupils have sought to read more material and take reading material home more readily. They also talk about the way it has helped their written work in class”

"A very positive impact for pupils and their attitude and progress in reading coupled with a very professional and committed Intervention practitioner” 

“The intervention practitioner from Ignite+Inspire has become part of our school team.  The children really look forward to the sessions and really enjoy them.  They can see value in learning”

“Teachers report that the children have enjoyed going to Numicon and Project X. They are more confident – they enjoy English more. They say the children are very enthusiastic about Numicon and Project X. Some children have made tremendous progress, which has had a clear impact on their work in class and their ability to cope with Year 3 work”

What do Pupils say about Ignite+Inspire?

“It is fun. Sir helps us to get better at reading as well as helping us in our writing”

“It’s good because he helps us to break up hard words into easier bits.  It helps because I struggle with my reading” 

“I would have more – go twice in a day!  More maths please!”

“It makes me want to read other books at home and my reading book”