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Why Us?

Benefits of a Partnership with Ignite+Inspire:
  • Training & Development: Ignite+Inspire intervention practitioners who deliver Project X Code are fully trained.
  • Outcomes: Edge Hill University has found that intervention specialists trained by themselves statistically achieved 70% better results than a specialist not trained by them. 
  • School Reporting: Full reports will be provided to you at the end of each rotation on an overall school basis.  This data will clearly demonstrate the impact of pupil premium & PDG spend should the school be utilising this funding as some or all of the investment into the Ignite+Inspire provision.
  • Individual Pupil Reporting: Full reports will be provided to you at the end of each rotation on an individual pupil basis.
  • Tried and Tested Resources: All resources for Project X Code and Numicon are provided as part of the package. They have a proven track record of achieving great results.
  • Dedicated Account Management Team: Ignite+Inspire will allocate you an account manager and staff development manager who will be fully responsible for achieving the outcomes set at the beginning of the partnership. They will perform regular monitoring sessions to ensure that we deliver on all expectations.
  • Quality Assured practitioners: The Ignite+Inspire Recruitment team have affiliated partnerships with a number of well-respected Higher Education Institutes and have a very thorough Recruitment Process. This ensures that all our practitioners are a desirable culture fit have the relevant experience/qualification and all of the personal qualities that make-up the ideal inspirational role-model.
  • Consistency and Reliability of Same Staff: In terms of child development we understand the significance of consistency in allocating you practitioners that make a commitment to your school for the full academic year. This is laid out in the Service Level Agreement that all of our practitioners sign and we ensure high retention rates by employing our staff on a contractual basis and financially rewarding on attendance and retention. Our Head of Happiness performs regular appraisals, organises social events and publicly rewards and recognises individuals for going ‘above and beyond’. Ignite+Inspire really look after and value our staff to make sure they feel part of the team and part of the vision.
  • Library of Intervention Resources: Ignite+Inspire canvassed the market for the leading intervention tools and resources to ensure we can deliver on proven results. All tools and resources for the Intervention programmes are provided by Ignite+Inspire as part of the service.  We are continually searching for additional Intervention programmes to add to our library and welcome feedback from our Partner schools on the best solutions within the education sector.